Hakan Rylander


Q1. What is your title and company/entity?
I am CEO of SYSAV. Sysav is a regional company, owned by 14 municipalities in the most southern part of Sweden. SYSAV deals with all kinds of waste with reuse, recycling, biological treatment, waste-to-energy and landfilling.

Q2. What is your role in the daily business of your company/entity?
I am the executive leader of the company.

Q3. What is the main challenge you face in your business/entity?
To prevent and minimize the production of waste . To recycle as much as possible of the waste coming to SYSAV and to minimize the landfilling in order to minimize the impact on the environment an the climate and to recover as much as possible of limited natural resources, as materials and energy.

Q4. How has this changed in recent years, if at all?
A significant change from landfilling in the early 2000´ies to recycling today of materials and energy. Out of 916 000 tons of waste in 2010 coming to SYSAV 97 % were recycled as materials and energy and only 3% were landfilled.

Q5. What is your objective for your work over the next two years?
To continue to work with the challenges at Q3 above and to meet with the EU Waste Hierarchy even better.

Q6. Are you coming to Florence and what are your expectations from the Congress?
Yes, I am coming to Florence, where I expect a very interesting programme, realistic declarations and policies how to deal with the future waste problem in order to minimise the waste production and the negative impact on the environment and the climate, and in order to develop well functioning globalised waste management using all good experiences and ideas.